A Rescue Story

A Rescue Story

  • Emily Robinson

October is a Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, so we're taking the opportunity to share a personal story about rescuing. At Rita Bean, we believe every pet deserves a second chance, lots of love, and beautiful things to wear. 

Featured in the photo above is my dog, Gibson (Gibby for short). And underneath all that fur, he wears his Rita Bean Heavy Duty Engraved Buckle Leather Dog Collar in Chestnut. 

...After losing our beloved golden retriever, Payton, of fifteen years, my family was skeptical another dog could ever compare to her. But still, having any dog in the house was a million times better than not having one at all. 

As my mother and I searched for canine companions, it took months until we were finally able to meet Gibson. Several other dogs we were interested in kept getting adopted quicker than we could submit an application.

Though it was heartbreaking to see a dog become unavailable, we knew those pets were going to loving homes and that Gibson was meant to be our dog. 

Nothing is known about his history other than that he was previously placed in a high kill shelter, but was rescued by Animal House Shelter in Huntley, IL. 

My family believes Gibson is a two-year-old, golden retriever and great pyrenees mix (thanks to Google). However, what I know for sure is that Gibson is a "stubborn mule", hates getting his fur or paws wet, loves car rides to the local Starbucks to get a "puppuccino", and is the fluffiest thing I have ever touched. 

Though, Gibson is not the perfect dog, he deserved a home full of love, food, and lots of snuggles. And that's just what he got.

Often times I think Gibson rescued me, instead of the other way around. 


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