Tug Play

Tug Play

  • Emily Robinson

Often mistaken as a game that makes your dog more dominant and aggressive, tug play actually has several benefits for both you and your dog...

If played correctly, here's what we enjoy about tug play--

1. Tug play instills more confidence in your pet, not aggression:

Especially if you let him win, your dog will become more confident, not dominant. One study found that dogs with more confidence were also more obedient.

2. Tug play is a great way to get rid of any lasting energy your canine companion still has:

Most likely gone for the day, your dog has been waiting to play with you. Tug play is intense and allows both the physical and mental exercise your dog needs. 

3. Tug play is one of the easiest ways to spend quality time with your pet while you're home:

Playing tug with your pet allows for your bond to be strengthened. Strong bonds often mean less behavioral problems, like separation anxiety. 

4. Tug play can be used as a training tool: 

If your dog enjoys a good game of tug, try using it as a reward instead of a treat. This article, highlights how dogs being trained for K9 police work, military work, or agility training are often rewarded with tug after completing the desired commands. 


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