Every Day is Tag Day!

Every Day is Tag Day!

  • Emily Robinson

Created by American Humane, Every Day is Tag Day is recognized on the first Saturday each April. This year, that day falls on April 6! 

According to American Humane, approximately 10 million pets go missing and many of them enter animal shelters or are picked up by rescue groups. Due to microchips and traditional I.D. tags, fortunately many animals are able to be reunited with their families. Pets without them, however, will most likely not. 

To avoid such heartbreak then, it's extremely important to make sure your pet has an I.D. tag and/or microchip.

A tag should at least include your correct phone number or two and current home address. Sometimes it's helpful to include your name, the dog's name, or any other information that may be helpful and fits on the tag. Adding information such as "friendly", "shy", or "call my dad" may beneficial. 

If you've recently moved or have a new phone number, time is of the essence. Outdated information will be of no use to you if you're pet goes missing!

At Rita Bean, we know not every owner enjoys the sound of metal clinking every time your dog moves. So, we've eliminated that issue with our stylish and functional personalized dog collars. 

But, we still offer several beautiful I.D. tag options for pets who don't wear a personal engraved collar and for owners who want to give their pet some extra flare. 

We've recently added nine new, fashionable, and high quality tags to our collection. Eight of those new tags are set in sterling silver, lasting longer than your average I.D. tag. 

You can check out all of our available dog tags at