How to Choose the Best Collar For Your Dog

How to Choose the Best Collar For Your Dog

  • Emily Robinson

In order to choose the best collar for your dog, we've decided to break it down into five simple steps:

1. Choose a collar material.


Nylon Webbing



Be thinking about your pet's personality and the things you two like to do together... for example, does your pet like to swim or get dirty? Then you might want to choose a waterproof collar! 

2. Choose a collar style. 


It isn't all about the looks, even though leather collars are classic and elegant. Leather collars are durable through all kinds of elements and soften over time for optimal comfort. 

Available in 4 colors, this collar is classic, chic, and built to last. Perfect for every season, this collar is equipped with a gorgeous metal side release buckle, hand polished leather, solid welded steel D-ring, and can be easily adjusted in size by repositioning a two-part post/screw set. 

Available in several colors, this collar comes with an engraved nameplate and a traditional prong style buckle, instead of an engraved buckle. We think this provides your pet the ultimate style and safety. Two layers of supple leather are stitched together to make this leather collar soft, yet surprisingly durable. For our earth conscious friends, this collar is eco-friendly, due to natural vegetable tanning.  

This collar is just about identical with the previous style, except it does not come with an engraved nameplate. An additional ID tag would need to be purchase. But, our super soft Italian leather dog collars are simply gorgeous.

Nylon Webbing

 One of the more common materials, these nylon webbing collars are available in 16 amazing solid colors. They are equipped with a quick side release engraved metal buckle. 

Very similar to the standard nylon webbing style, Martingale style collars are good for dog who are prone to backing out of their collars and need a bit more training on walks. These collars are available in the same 16 colors as the standard style and are also equipped with a side release metal engraved buckle. 

Available in 23 different designs, these ribbon fabric are fit for the most stylish pups. Soft, yet durable nylon webbings and you guessed it, equipped with a side release engraved metal buckle. 

Rita Bean Waterproof Engraved Buckle Dog Collars (all waterproof styles are identical) 

  • Available in 8 brighter colors, these waterproof collars are perfect for dogs who stay active and love to water. Biothane coated, this collar is waterproof, odorproof and super durable, unlike traditionally nylon webbing. Equipped with a metal side release engraved buckle means your pet can keep their collar on in the water and still be identified. Plus, they're easy to clean with simple soap and water. 

Rita Bean Velvet Engraved Buckle Dog Collars (all velvet are identical) 

  • Available in 9 luxurious colors, our velvet collars scream elegance. Lined in satin, this collar is incredibly soft. As always, each velvet collars comes with an engraved side release metal buckle. 

3. Choose a collar color (or design)

So many colors to pick from! Go bright colors, go pastel, choose more natural tones, or get crazy and choose one of our 23 ribbon fabric designs, such as pop art, red bandana, and paw prints

Think about your dog's fur and color. What color is going to pop against it? 

4. Choose a collar size.

Some of Rita Bean collars are sized extra small, small, medium, large, extra large. While, others are sized by your pet's neck size. 

Either way, be sure to always measure your pet's actual neck and not their current collar to get an accurate measurement! 

Based on personal experience in ordering my dog his own Heavy Duty Leather Collar, the collar was shipped on it's biggest setting. Therefore, the collar could always be made smaller, but not bigger. You may want to take that into account when purchasing a collar for your pet. 

Or, at Rita Bean, we are always available to answer any questions you may have! 

5. Personalize your collar. 

Except for the basic Italian Leather collars, all Rita Bean collars are available for personalization. Each collar has the option for three lines of engraving (up to 15 characters per line). 

Your pet's name, the owner's address, and phone number are common information to be engraved. But, you are free to customize your dog's new collar with anything you'd like! Other lines customers have suggested are, "Microchipped," "Call My Mom!", and "Friendly." 


We hope this information will help and be your guide for when you choose your pet's new collar! 

Happy choosing!