Meet Hugo-- Rita Bean's Very Own

Meet Hugo-- Rita Bean's Very Own

  • Emily Robinson

Adopting Hugo at eight weeks old, he was just a pup. Now at eight months old and 80 pounds heavy, Hugo is not so little anymore.

"He's a bit of a gangly beast. But he is a sweetie and we love him very much", says Rita Bean President and owner, Eric Houtkooper. 

Like their late dogs, Rita and Scout, Hugo too is a Curly Coated Retriever, and comes from a line of Championship field and show dogs. In fact, Hugo belongs to the same family tree as Rita and Scout. 

As most young dogs do, Hugo loves to play and chew up all his toys. And when he isn't chewing his toys, Hugo likes to play fetch in the backyard or play with their cat, Aria. 

"She puts up with him for the most part, but since he's so big, every once in awhile she gives him a swat on the nose to say 'Enough!' Generally, they get along great", says Eric. 

Curly Coated Retrievers, like Hugo, are bred to work in the field, so keeping him active is a must... As they say, "a tired dog, is a good dog." 


Interested in learning more about Hugo's bred? Be on the lookout for another post about things you didn't know about the Curly Coated Retrievers!