Ideas to Enjoying a Snow Day with Your Dog

Ideas to Enjoying a Snow Day with Your Dog

  • Emily Robinson

By January, the reality that winter's officially arrived, sets in as the temperature drops and snow accumulates (that is, of course, if you live in an area that experiences cold weather). 

As a kid, winter was my favorite season. While mom bundled me up in all my snow gear, like Randy in A Christmas Story, my late golden-retriver, Payton, waited for me to join her in the backyard. 

Running my very hardest in heavy boots, Payton easily caught up to me, and I fell into the blanket of white. 

Payton loved snow even more than I. As soon as she was let outside, she'd dip her snout into it, chomp down, and lick the rest of it off her nose. Snow was as much of a treat to her as leftover table scraps. 

She also loved snowball fights, as many other dogs do. Trying to catch each snowball as if it were a regular tennis ball, I always died of laughter. 

I'll never forget days like that, literally dashing through the snow with my dog. So, here are some ideas to enjoying a snow day with your dog!

1. Snow Fetch

Lightly toss a few snowballs your pet's way and watch them bite down on it. As mentioned, this was my pup's favorite activity. When packing your snowballs, make sure the snowballs are free from any salt, dirt, ice, or other hazardous material. Or, stick with the traditional tennis ball fetch. You're dog will still love it!

2. Hide and Seek 

Does your pet like to search and sniff? Why not hide some of their treat (and even toys) into the snow for adding fun and brain stimulation? 

3. Snow Maze 

If you're up to the challenge, create a snow maze for your dog to explore. But don't worry, simply use a shovel or stomp to create a path for your pup. It's a nice way to switch up their usual outdoor routine. You may also lay some treats down in the path to entice them to use it. 

And after you've played.... come inside, warm up with cup of hot chocolate (or tea or coffee), and snuggle up watching Snow Dogs with your pet. 

Snow days can be some of the best days! 

What are some of your favorite things to do on snow days?